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Cherrytree Group, LLC

The Cherrytree Group is an innovative tax credit consulting, brokerage and syndication company.  We act as a consultant to business and real estate owners, developers, and operators, advising them on tax credit deals, and/or the tax credit aspects of their transactions.  We also act as a broker or syndicator, putting together buyers/investors and sellers in tax credit transactions.  The Cherrytree Group also utilizes our in-house Corporate Counsel, or engages outside legal counsel (at our own cost) in order to supply the most appropriate and beneficial professional services for the particular transaction. 


  • Tax Advantaged Real Estate Development
  • Retail Development
  • Industrial Development
  • Medical Development
  • Renewable Energy Developments
  • Solar Energy Development
  • Hydro-Electric Power Transactions
  • Biomass Facilities


  • Brownfields Tax Credits
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Investment Tax Credits
  • Historic Tax Credits
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits
  • Film Tax Credits


See How We Can Help

Cherrytree also focuses on:

  • Structuring and financing of real estate using tax credits as collateral
  • Private equity offerings

We perform a unique blend of services that have rarely been able to be successfully delivered together, such as:

  • Development finance and consulting
  • Securing various types of tax credits
  • Brokerage and syndication of tax credits
LSP Association EBC - Environmental Business Council New England, Inc.
BBB Rating: A+ (as of 4/29/2010) BBB-Rating-A



“The Cherrytree Group is a smart and innovative group of professionals that can create tax value where none exists and capitalize on opportunities that others cannot. I would strongly recommend working with them when such an opportunity presents itself!”

- Bobby Ryter

"The Cherrytree Group was instrumental in recouping the Brownfields Tax Credits. Their staff is excellent and they were particularly helpful in putting the documents together to help me maximize my return."

- Bob Denisco