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When I was first introduced to the tax credit world, various tax credit services were provided by different companies. It was a very disjointed process.  There were tax credit consultants, tax credit brokers, and tax credit syndicators, but not one place to have all these services met.  I believed that the market would welcome a company that was able to consolidate necessary services and deliver a cost effective, knowledgeable, and effective suite of services to its client-base.  I founded Cherrytree in order to build a tax credit platform that would be able to offer highly sophisticated services in a seamless manner by one entity.  Cherrytree, which has developed into a knowledge-based, relationship oriented, employee-centric, and narrowly focused company, has been able to deliver on its promise of sophistication, value and follow-through.”
                -Warren Kirshenbaum



Meet Our Team

Cherrytree Group is a team of experiences tax credit professionals. 

Meet Our Team


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  • The Cherrytree staff will help you find money in real estate.
  • The Cherrytree Group has an experienced team of tax credit professionals.
  • Warren Kirshenbaum finishes the Boston Marathon.
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  • The Cherrytree Team collaborate at a meeting.
  • Warren Kirshenbaum leads the team at Cherrytree Group.
  • The team at Cherrytree celebrating our accomplishments.
  • The Cherrytree Team works hard and plays hard.
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