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Brownfields Eligibility: Census Tracts In Economically Distressed Areas

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 4, 2014 11:57:00 AM / by Lillian Clark

     The Massachusetts Brownfields Act is a statute that allows eligible tax payers to receive a tax credit for costs directly incurred in remediating environmentally contaminated land in situations where the taxpayer did not cause the contamination.  One of the qualification requirements for the Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credit (BTC) is that the property must be located within “Economically Distressed Area” (EDA).  For many land owners or developers with a potential Brownfields site the term, “Economically Distressed” is discouraging because they assume their property will not fit under this category.  Many of these same owners/operators are surprised to learn that their properties are in actuality considered EDA’s.  In fact, of the 351 Massachusetts cities and towns, there are 248 Economically Distressed Areas.

     Most of the time, EDA’s are whole towns or cities, for example the city of Cambridge, or the town of Burlington.

     Sometimes however, a portion of a town or city will be considered an EDA and is defined by Census Tract(s). In Massachusetts there are 16 towns that have census tracts designated as EDA’s.

     The following towns have Census Tracts that are considered EDA’s:

  • Arlington (Census Tracts 3563 and 3564),
  • Belmont (Census Tracts 3572, 3574, 3575 and 3577,
  • Braintree (Census Tract 4194),
  • Everett (Census Tracts 3421, 3422, 3423, 3424, 3425, 3426, 3427),
  • Groton (Assessor's Map M - parcel 129),
  • Lexington (Census Tracks 3583, 3584, and 3586),
  • Malden (Census Tract 3413, 3414, 3415, 3416, 3417, 3418, 3419),
  • Medford (Census Tract 3398),
  • Methuen (Census Tract 2524),
  • Milford (Census Tracts 7442, 7443, and 7444),
  • North Andover (Census Tracts 2531, 2532.01, 2532.02, and 2532.03),
  • Peabody (Census Tracts 2107, 2108 and 2109),
  • Rehoboth (Census Tract 6331),
  • Watertown (Census Tracts 3701, 3703, 3704),
  • Westwood (Census Tracts 4121, 4122, 4123),
  • Wilmington (Census Tracts 3312, 3313).

     This means that properties located within the Census Tracts identified above are considered EDA’s. If you or someone you know owns a property that may be a Brownfields Site but are concerned might not be an EDA, it is worth checking up on.  Click here for the full list of Economically Distressed Areas in Massachusetts. 


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Lillian Clark

Written by Lillian Clark

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