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"Development Planning: Utilizing Incentives"

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 28, 2017 3:23:02 PM / by Jessica Ryerson

The Cherrytree Group is proud to host its fourth tax credit conference, "Development Planning: Utilizing Incentives" on October 19, 2017 at Gillette Stadium

The event will feature Keynote Speaker Brian Earley, General Manager of The Kraft Group & NPP Development, as well as a panel of guest speakers: Lawrence Curtis, President & Managing Partner of WinnDevelopment, Warren Kirshenbaum, President of Cherrytree Group, Melina Ambrosino, Executive Vice President of Cherrytree Group, and Robert Atwood, P.E. & LSP.

 Our panel will draw from their professional knowledge to educate the audience on various state and federal tax credit incentives. Brian Earley will walk us through some of the energy efficiency additions at Gillette stadium, after which our panel will focus on providing the audience with the tools they need to maximize on equity and tax credits for your next project!

 The speakers will also explain how the commercial real estate industry allows for tax credit incentives to be utilized by developers, investors, and as a tax planning tool!  Developers routinely want the equity from these tax credit incentives, whereas an investor would utilize the tax credits to offset what they owe to either the commonwealth or the Federal Government.  Specific topics that our speakers will discuss include: Brownfields, Historic, and Renewable Energy tax credits; tax planning, and maximizing on tax credit equity for projects.  Commercial real estate not only fuels economic growth and development, it also allows for people use these programs take advantage and save money!  To learn more and purchase your ticket, please email us at

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Jessica Ryerson

Written by Jessica Ryerson

Jessica brings a wealth of customer service experience to the Cherrytree Group. As the Director of First Impressions and Office Manager, Jessica provides essential administration management, both in the front and behind the scenes to ensure clients, prospective clients, office staff, vendors and service providers are recognized and given the special attention you have come to expect from the Cherrytree Group. Her attention to detail and ability to multitask are optimal skills towards making the office and all this is involved, run smoothly. Jessica earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Technology at Mansfield University in Mansfield Pennsylvania.

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