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Why we call ourselves a “Group”

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 22, 2016 12:23:16 PM / by Warren Kirshenbaum

          As an overarching description, the Cherrytree Group is a group of entities that offers tax credit brokerage, syndication, and specialty finance services. The Group, in fact, is comprised of several affiliated entities that help clients with various aspects of their real estate projects.  Most of our work stems from deals involving state and/or federal tax credits, encompassing four main types of credits: Brownfields (BTC), renewable energy (ITC), historic rehabilitation (HTC), and low-income housing (LIHTC).




          Our affiliate, P & R (Preserve & Renew) Tax Credit Equity Fund Limited Partnership secures and manages investments in tax credit equity for HTC and ITC projects, thereby acting as a syndicator and/or facilitator of these deals.  The Cherrytree Group itself (“Cherrytree”) is an entity that acts as a tax credit consultant, a broker of state tax credit deals, and a compliance provider for HTC and ITC projects.


          Hampton Financial Partners, LLP (“Hampton Financial”) is an entity that focuses on providing pre-development and bridge financing to Cherrytree clients or business partners that seek this service. Hampton Financial acts as part of a transaction team to ensure that clients, and their vendors will feel financially secure, alleviating the concern of stable funding for their project.




          The Cherrytree Group’s multiple entities makes our company unique from our competitors: we are a one-stop firm for our clients due to our many areas of commercial expertise, and we are extremely successful at assisting our clients in securing tax credits, and adding value to their projects by aiding and supporting the monetization of those tax credits.


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Warren Kirshenbaum

Written by Warren Kirshenbaum

Warren is the President and CEO of the Cherrytree Group, a tax credit consulting, brokerage, and syndication firm.

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