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Developing Real Estate in Massachusetts

The Cherrytree Group is a real estate, and business consulting firm with a tax credit focus. We help our clients navigate the available state and federal tax credit incentives; we use our expertise in tax credits and our knowledge of the real estate marketplace to help our clients maximize their real estate interests. 

We recognize that tax credits are an important tool in development and we help assist our clients in securing and monetizing the following available tax credits: 

  • Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credits
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits
  • Investment Tax Credits
  • Historic Tax Credits

See How We Can Help

The Cherrytree Group also acts as a broker, putting together buyers and sellers in tax credit transactions, or as a syndicator with respect to Federal Tax Credits.


“The Cherrytree Group is a smart and innovative group of professionals that can create tax value where none exists and capitalize on opportunities that others cannot. I would strongly recommend working with them when such an opportunity presents itself!”

- Bobby Ryter

"The Cherrytree Group was instrumental in recouping the Brownfields Tax Credits. Their staff is excellent and they were particularly helpful in putting the documents together to help me maximize my return."

- Bob Denisco