Warren A. Kirshenbaum is the founder and president of Cherrytree Group.

Warren Kirshenbaum


Warren Kirshenbaum is the President of the Cherrytree Group, LLC.  Warren founded Cherrytree in 2006 and has spent the past eleven years building Cherrytree into a specialist tax credit consultation, brokerage, and syndication firm ... View Full Bio

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Elizabeth Kirshenbaum is Special Council for the Cherrytree Group.

Elizabeth Kirshenbaum

Special Counsel

Elizabeth Kirshenbaum began her legal career in New York City in 1992, where she worked in the Legal Department of the Bank of New York. At the Bank of New York, she assisted bank clients... View Full Bio

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Melina N. Ambrosino is the Vice President of Operations at Cherrytree Group.

Melina Ambrosino

Executive Vice President

Melina Ambrosino has been with the Cherrytree Group since 2011; and has worked extensively with the various tax credit incentive programs in Massachusetts. At the Cherrytree Group, Melina focuses... View Full Bio

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Jake Vezga is a Tax Credit Associate at Cherrytree Group.

Jacob Vezga

Tax Credit Associate

Jake Vezga brings extensive customer service experience to the Cherrytree Group. As tax credit associate, Jake provides back-end support for state and environmental tax credit deals. He uses his expertise to identify eligible tax credit opportunities, ... View Full Bio

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Jack Robbins is a tax credit associate at Cherrytree Group in Newton, MA.

Jack Robbins

Tax Credit Associate

Jack Robbins is a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire and a recent addition to the Cherrytree Group team. As a tax credit associate, Jack provides back-end support for Renewable ... View Full Bio

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Jessica Ryerson is the newest member of the Cherrytree Group Tax Credit team.

Jessica Ryerson

Director of First Impressions

Jessica Ryerson brings a wealth of customer service experience to the Cherrytree Group. As the Director of First Impressions and Office Manager, Jessica provides essential administration... View Full Bio

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