The tax credit professionals at Cherrytree Group are expert in both state and federal tax credits. Our team works with investors, developers, and LSPs adding value to their real estate transactions with tax credits.


Learn more about the various tax credits that we work with below.



State Tax Credits

There are many types of state tax credits and most states participate in at least one tax credit program. At the Cherrytree Group, the state tax credit programs we focus on are the Massachusetts Brownfields Tax Credit Program and the Historic Rehabilitation tax credit Program across New England. The tax credits that we work in these states are transferable, which means that they can be brokered.


Federal Tax Credits

The federal tax credits that we work with at the Cherrytree Group are the Investment tax credit, which is a tax credit for investment in renewable energy infrastructure, and the historic rehabilitation tax credit which provides a federal credit for the rehabilitation of qualified historic properties.

Unlike state tax credits, federal tax credits are non-transferable. They are syndicated to investors using a special purpose entity (SPE) that owns the asset. Federal tax credits can be used in tandem with state credits (when applicable). When the deals are structured properly, federal tax credits make excellent long term investments for investors and provide valuable equity for property owners.