At the Cherrytree Group we work with stakeholders on all sides of the tax credit transaction to ensure that each deal is structured in a way that is beneficial to all parties.

We work with developers and property owners of tax credit eligible sites, assisting them in applying for tax credits and brokering/syndicating the tax credits they have obtained.  We also work with LSPs/Engineers by teaming up with them to provide their clients with tax credit services.  Lastly, we work with investors for federal tax credits and buyers for state credits.  We broker/syndicate tax credits to them and help structure the deal to meet their tax credit needs and maximize their investment returns. 


We help developers apply for, obtain, and broker/syndicate tax credits for their projects. Depending on the project specifics and the developer’s interests, we assist the developer to apply for Brownfields, renewable energy, and/or historic rehabilitation tax credits.

Oftentimes, our clients find that tax credits are the key to turning projects, that have great potential but seem too expensive, into financially feasible projects.  We work with developers through the entire tax credit process from initial research to final reimbursement.  We then broker or syndicate the tax credit and depending on our client’s needs, the money generated by the sale of these tax credits can be put back into the project, or can be used as equity to fund other projects.

LSPs and Engineers

We have a long and successful history working closely with engineers/LSPs to help their clients receive brownfields tax credits.  In our experience, clients respond very well to the advice of their LSPs because they already are a trusted source.  This creates mutually beneficial collaborations where LSPs bring their project knowledge, and we bring our tax credit expertise, to maximize the Brownfields tax award. 


At Cherrytree Group, we pride ourselves on our strong investor relations.  We serve many different types of investors and match them with tax credit investments tailored to meet their needs.  When structured properly, tax credits can make a strong addition to an investment portfolio and produce significant returns while minimizing risk.

“The Cherrytree Group introduced us to a credit that would allow us to receive money for previously paid environmental expenses. The process was quite simple: Cherrytree Group Requested information and documentation from us and in return we received the credit. ”
                                                                - Rick Cannon